Arnold was born in September 2009. Although, he was in the world long before this date, it's when we found him at a shelter, marking the beginning of his new life with us.

In reality, he is about 5 years old, but sometimes we say he’s still a puppy. We don’t know his exact age, but we don’t mind at all!

He has a great zest for life, which we have learned to share with him. In fact, Arnold is still the best part of our lives and we hope that he feels the same about us. We had this goal in mind when we picked him out at the pound. I don't think people should choose dogs solely based on appearance. Instead, people should choose a dog that will add to their lives; make it beautiful and colorful, like Arnold has done for us.


Arnold knows all the commands necessary for his safety, but sometimes he turns a deaf ear to let us know that he could take care of himself if necessary. He doesn't like shouting or the sound of ringing phones. We think he might associate these sounds with a bad experience from his past. To make life better and more pleasant for him, we try to reduce his exposure to these triggers.


He has his own bed, but prefers to sleep with us. His favorite trick is to fill his bed with toys, then bring one of the toys to us to let us know his bed is full, therefore, he has no other choice than to sleep in bed with us. He's smart—just like his owners.


He's our greatest love and we hope this will be true for a long time to come!