Create a page

Adding and reorganizing pages on your website is easy.


Click on the "Structure" tab in the top menu.


This will open the structure manager. Here you see all the pages on your website. Click on "Homepage."


Choose "Add page".


Another window should appear. In the "Page name" blank write the name of the new page (e.g. my dogs) and select "Empty page" (a blank template) from the template menu. Click "Insert" at the bottom of the window.


Click on the new page (e.g. my dogs) and choose "Add page." At the top of the window select  "As subpage." Fill in the name of the page (e.g. Anouk) and click "Insert."


Click on “Anouk” and add another page (e. g. Allegro). Make sure to select "Below page" in the "New page" window. The structure should look like this.


>> Exit <<