About Guffoo

With more enthusiasm than business goals, we have established another successful dot-com project.  We began as usual and defined our vision:

  • Guffoo Web Portal provides free websites with a user-friendly web page editor. It lets everyone create their own individual website.
  • We want to improve standard websites in community-based services to allow you to share your website with your friends. 
  • It's success depends on millions of users - Guffsters.
  • Of course, we need an effective marketing plan to tell you about Guffoo. We would like to introduce two marketing concepts we believe the Guffsters will enjoy:
    • Manage Us: Guffoo's future, web editor/site functionality, P.R. and everything is managed by you! 
    • The Naked Company: You need to know everything about Guffoo - our vision, strategy, performance, insight, etc.
  • Hopefully in the end, we'll generate some revenue in order to have resources for the next generation of Guffoo.

Guffoo was developed based on our previous experience. We currently run ANTEE, a company providing web development services and in 2005, we launched Guffoo's older brother, SmartWeb. Although Guffoo was in the works from the very beginning, only in 2009 were we able to assemble a dynamic team capable of turning our vision into a reality.

We would like to share more information and discuss our plans with you, so please feel free to Contact us.