The Guffoo demo pages are up!
17.8. 2010 | Posted by: Iva

At our meeting two weeks ago, we decided it was important to offer visitors to our site the opportunity to preview the Guffoo editor without going through the registration process. After a short discussion, we came up with the idea of DEMO PAGES.

Guffoo in the Summer
22.7. 2010 | Posted by: Iva

Summer is here and in our first blog post of the season, we thought it would be best to admit to some of our most recent blunders.

Guffoo's Revelation
15.5. 2010 | Posted by: Iva

It's been three months since we've launched the Guffoo pilot and we finally have some results. All this time we've been trying to increase the number of users, and although we’ve succeeded, the outcome isn’t quite what we expected.

Guffoo in the Spring
24.3. 2010 | Posted by: Iva

The second month of Guffoo has come and gone and brought some important changes, so lets have a look at them in detail:

Guffoo's First Month
24.2. 2010 | Posted by: Iva

It's been a while since the Guffoo pilot was launched and we thought you might be wondering what changes have taken place.  Thanks to our first registered users, we’ve got some brand new ideas on how to improve Guffoo over the next few months.

Pre-Guffoo Period
24.1. 2010 | Posted by: Iva

I remember the moment our boss introduced his extraordinarily visionary project to us like it was yesterday. I think that each of us saw it as an opportunity to gain valuable new experience in our fields of expertise while having a lot of fun! The first step was obvious - to find an available domain name that was catchy. To help you get a better idea of our thought process, here are the runners-up:, and Now you can see that Guffoo was clearly the best choice.

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