Guffoo team

Our team is made up of very enthusiastic, young people who are ready to create one of the most successful community-based sites in the world. Don't believe us? Read more about the Guffoo project and don't hesitate to share your thoughts with us.



Name: Martin Hladik
martin(at) | Facebook
Role: Head of Strategy

Martin's wild imagination and enthusiasm result in a never ending flow of ideas for Guffoo, which is great news for you! We're waiting for the day when he proposes to launch Guffoo on the moon.  The only way to get him out of high gear is to send him to a wine tasting in Moravia.


Name: Katie McLaughlin
Role: Head of Public Relations
About: She helps us give you the most information about us. In addition, she also teaches us English, which means she adds homework to our workload.  Really, it's hard to say anything bad about her here, not because there's nothing to say, but because in the end she'll be the one editing it.


Name: Petr Friml
petr(at) | Twitter
Role: Head of Development
About: Petr manages the technical staff at Guffoo. He is well-known for being stubborn and hardworking, both in the office and on the field. Rain, snow, sickness or a broken limb couldn't keep him from playing hockey, volleyball or cycling in his free time.


Name: Mirek Naprava
mira(at) | Facebook | Twitter
Role: IT specialist
About: Mirek works with Lukas to make sure the technical aspects of Guffoo run smoothly. Mirek has an array of hobbies that coincidentally, all revolve around the pub: foosball, pool, poker, beer and watching sports. Aside from this, he enjoys traveling. After all, the beer is different in every country.