Demo Pages

Curious about what Guffoo has to offer? Now is your chance to check out some of our best websites from behind the scenes. This is the perfect opportunity for you to learn more about the settings and functions of the Guffoo editor. Make as many changes as you like. The goal is not only for you to become familiar with editor, but also for you to see how fun web design can be!

Demo #1

  • Layout: 780 pixels - horizontal menu - left & right columns
  • Customizations: Graphic layout (header)
  • Difficulty level: Easy (requires basic graphic design knowledge)
  • Login: demoA
    Password: demoA

Demo #2

  • Layout: 780 pixels - left menu (200 pixels)
  • Customizations: CSS-customized left menu, graphic layout (header, footer, outer and inner background)
  • Difficulty level: Medium (requires CSS and graphic design knowledge)
  • Login: demoB
    Password: demoB

Demo #3

  • Layout: 780pixels - left menu (200pixels)
  • Customizations: CSS-customized menu, graphic layout (header,
    footer, outer background, inner background, menu background)

  • Difficulty level: Hard (requires CSS and graphic design knowledge)

  • Login: demoC
    Password: demoC

Still not sure how the Guffoo editor works? No worries. We have just the tool to help you get started.
Our basic tutorial gives you easy, step-by-step instructions on how to create your website.