Terms of Service

Valid from 1.2.2010

  1.  Guffoo Terms of Service ("Terms") govern the mutual rights and obligations of a legal or natural person using the Guffoo service ("User") and ANTEE Ltd., which is the provider of the Guffoo service (the "Provider").
  2.  The Guffoo Service is available to the User on the Internet at www.guffoo.com and includes the following:
              * Establishing and publishing web pages located on the Internet and ensuring their management through the Provider’s technical environment (hereinafter "Site"),
              * Using the Provider’s software to edit the Site (hereinafter "Editor"),
              * An established and functioning domain for the Site (hereinafter referred to as "Domain")
                (Site, Editor and Domain hereinafter collectively designated as "Service")
  3.  Before using the Service the User is required to properly register - that is, to give true information regarding their identity on the electronic form published on the Internet Provider’s address www.guffoo.com ordering the Service. Properly carried out, the order will be confirmed by the Provider in the form of an e-mail sent to the e-mail address the User specified on the electronic order form. The Provider will also include a username and password in the confirmation e-mail, which are required for identification and subsequent verification before using the Service. The User is authorized to use the Service only upon successful user authentication performed by the Provider, or by entering the correct user name and password.
  4.  The User undertakes the responsibility of using the Service in accordance with  generally binding laws and morality. The User is entitled to use the Service for private use only.
  5.  The Service is provided to the User by the Provider free of charge. The Provider is entitled to place an advertising banner, a graphic logo and a link to retrieve Guffoo on the User’s site.
  6.  The Provider assumes no responsibility for any loss of data stored by the User via the software and hardware Provider in the Service available to the Users free of charge. The Service Provider may cancel at any time without compensation, especially in the case of a breach in the obligations set out in these User Terms.
  7.  The Provider bears no responsibility for the content of the User’s Site. Any possible sanctions and compensation obligations imposed by reason of violation of the applicable laws pertaining to the use of the Service, in particular the publication of information unacceptable to the Site, are in full the responsibility of the User.
  8.  The contractual relationship between the User and the Provider is sealed by the confirmation of order acceptance sent by the Provider to the User's e-mail, which the User specified on the electronic order form. The User and the Provider agree
    that their contractual relationship will be governed by these Terms.
  9.  Submitting the electronic order form provided by the Service Provider, confirms that the contents of these conditions have been properly read and that the person submitting the order agrees to undertake and observe them.