Marketing Plan

The main objective of Guffoo is to gain as many Guffsters – Guffoo users – as possible. We would like to achieve this goal by providing users with an easy-to-use website, free of charge, with a unique marketing system based on open communication about our plans and results.

Since the Guffoo project is an Internet startup and its users' concerns are unknown, it is almost impossible to set numerical goals at its beginning. Instead, we have set up several check points for the first year of Guffoo. The first is to merge our Czech website, SmartWeb, with Guffoo. Once the site is prepared, the Guffoo pilot phase will begin. With the input of our users, we hope to successfully complete this phase after a few months and utilize the experience of our first users to help us plan the next step, launching the first Guffoo campaign.

We will run the campaign on Facebook in order to attract new users from around the world. We intend to check our progress and analyze user voice on a regular basis. By the end of 2010, we hope our experience will lend us an increased sense of expertise regarding Guffoo users, their needs and our ability to address those needs. Effective communication with the Guffsters will be an integral part of the learning experience.

The philosophy behind our communication plan is that Guffsters are a diverse group of people with a range of needs and skills. The best way to benefit everyone would be through the utilization of different channels of communication based on the users’ interest. We have broken our users down into five categories: the site owners, the creative publishers, the designers, the developers and the entrepreneurs.

The Site Owners

These users simply want to create a free website. They need things to be done quickly and with ease. Our “Feature Tour” section will be essential in helping these users build the site they want. We will also be adding a website creator wizard soon.

The Creative Publishers

They like to design their own graphics and need flexibility in their design. Our blog and the “Coming Soon” section will help us share information with these users about new functions and capabilities.

The Designers

Not only do these people enjoy the possibility of creating their own graphics, but also sharing their art and graphic designs with other users. In the future, access to these graphics can be part of a paid service to help motivate designers to contribute to Guffoo. The main channel for communication with designers would be through discussion forums and design competitions.

The Developers

They are most interested in contributing to the development of Guffoo’s Editor. They are concerned with functionality and creating new applications. Discussion forums, the “Coming Soon” section and online votes will help us communicate effectively with these users. In the future we would like to open the Guffoo development platform, allowing users to extend its functionality.

The Entrepreneurs

These users like Guffoo’s business plan, which means they are interested in discussing and improving our business approach. The “About” section of the website as well as our increasing experience will help us communicate with the entrepreneurs.

Additionally, users can check on Guffoo’s progress or communicate directly with us on Facebook and Twitter.

We plan on developing a function to support social networks for Guffsters. Moreover, we would like to stretch the parameters of what social networking means with innovations like “Share Page,” which allows users to share information and entire pages of their site with other users (with the original user’s permission). We hope this will further encourage the flow of communication between users.

We would like to present ourselves to you as “Naked,” meaning you are completely in the loop, what happens in the office does not stay in the office; rather it is shared with you in our blog, discussion forums, Facebook, Twitter, votes, competitions and our entire website. We know our users are our greatest asset and in order to get the most constructive feedback, we need to make sure you see the naked truth, no matter how embarrassing it may be at times.