Our team

Here we should describe a team how we want to present it on the Interent, as well as how it will really work... It is mainly up to your interest, but of course you have to think about you current utilization at ANTEE. A quick advice is: if you are interested, join us! But also discuss it with your manager to estimate your free capacity...

Current Martin's notes: 

  • Already joined the team (P.R. role / real role):
    • Lukas Rychtecky (Manager of Guffoo content management system development / blog about IPO)
    • Jan Labik (? / ?)
    • Jaromis Necas (? / project of a new graphical design competition)
    • Marta Aulicka (? / project of the Expats)
    • Petr Friml (? / Guffoo IT operation manager)
    • Martin Hladik (boss / boss*))
    • ...
  • Thinking to join the team:
    • Katie
    • Ondřej Hauser
    • ...

Write your interest on the discussion page here.

*) Can be a temporary role;-)