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  • 9. 11. 2009 21:12
    Re: Iva

    Iva, you are a member of our team now!;-)

  • 9. 11. 2009 13:56

    I would like to be a member of guffoo team!!! Please!!!

    Although Iam not particularly good at developing, or PR, or graphics, but I make wonderful coffee!!!
    No, I'm just kidding ;)
    I don't know what position would be suitable for me, but I hope we will be albe to specify it during the process...
    Here is my first contribution!
    I have a tip for guffoo T-shirts


  • 9. 11. 2009 13:52
    Petr Friml - Moderátor
    First guff about our team

    I prefer to have something like groupon with small information about each member of our team. Who doesn't want to have a real photo on these pages could exhibit some fake photo! Both variants are ok for me. Peter

  • 2. 11. 2009 12:00

    Wake up and share you ideas! Our team will be a key element of our success! Here is some inspiration: www.mafia-game.de/pc/team.htm or www.groupon.com/about.

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