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  • 3. 11. 2009 21:28
    Comics & caricatures

    I have two ideas how help our P.R.:
    1) easy - let's ask somebody on Charles bridge to paint our caricatures and use them in our team profile
    2) hard but great - we can publish comics about Guffoo life, what we do, what happened, etc.
    3) another future idea could be to draw comics in Guffoo community... isn't it great?;-)

  • 30. 10. 2009 20:42
    How to develop and manage TOP 10 sites

    We would need to have TOP 10 sites to: a) show the other users how to create their sites, and what is the IPO capability; b) run competetion between users to make P.R.

    My ideas is to open a competition of the best website in Guffoo pilot phase (January - March, focused on Smart-Web users only). The sites should be in English, well structured, with clear purpose (i.e. my dog, school class page, etc.), and with nice graphical design.

    Of course we should put to the competition some awards. One possibility is to invite winners (maybe first 50;-) to our boat event...;-)

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