Guffoo team blog

3rd Pre-Guffoo Period - Pilot Guffoo Coming Up Next Week!

The New Years Eve has passed and every member of our team is finnishing his part in Guffoo preparations. This is our first deadline so let's see if the Pilot will be really ready for release! Graphic layout isn't done, there are still some texts missing and boys from development division don't go to sleep anymore!!!
But still it is better later than never, right?

2nd Pre-Guffoo Period - Who's Going To Be In a Guffoo Team?

Right after "domain name elections" took place a selection of Guffoo team members (sounds weird...). All of us were recruited (we battle for guffoos success, it is a kind of war to us, therefore I used word recruited) naturally for our different skills which will be necessary to bring Guffoo to life.
Our team advantage is that we know each other very well - we've been working together for a long time now (definately wrong tense...) so we are well coordinated and hopefully there won't be many fights about making Guffoo better.

1st Pre-Guffoo Period - The Beginning...

I remember the first moment our BOSS introduced us his super-duper visionary project as if it were yesterday. I think we all saw the oportunity to gain new valuable experience in our fields of expertise and of course we hope to have a lot of fun.
First step was obvious - to find attractive, easy to remember and vacant domain name. For your better notion here are three of the closest-to-win concepts -, and Now you see that GUFFOO is really the best choice.