Pre-Guffoo Period
24.1. 2010 | Posted: Iva

I remember the moment our boss introduced his extraordinarily visionary project to us like it was yesterday. I think that each of us saw it as an opportunity to gain valuable new experience in our fields of expertise while having a lot of fun!  The first step was obvious - to find an available domain name that was catchy. To help you get a better idea of our thought process, here are the runners-up:, and Now you can see that Guffoo was clearly the best choice.

After voting on the domain name, the selection of Guffoo team members took place. We were recruited based on our different skills; all of which will be necessary to bring Guffoo to life. A big advantage for our team is that we know each other very well. We've been working together for a long time, which means we're on the same wavelength. We hope this will help us to avoid fights over future Guffoo improvements.

As New Year's Eve passed, the members of our team were still working hard to complete their part of the Guffoo preparations in the hopes of meeting our first deadline: January 10, 2010. Unfortunately we didn't make it; the graphic layout wasn't done, some text was missing and the guys from the development department were pulling all-nighters in an attempt to get everything done!!!

At our team meeting on January 14, the head of strategy took the opportunity to point out our shortcomings. I must admit, our original understanding of his vision was pretty naive. Now we have to work even harder to make our next and definitive deadline: February 1, 2010. And this time we won't toss it aside!

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