First Month of Guffoo
24.2. 2010 | Posted by: Iva

It's been a while since the Guffoo pilot was launched and we thought you might be wondering what changes have taken place.  Thanks to our first registered users, we’ve got some brand new ideas on how to improve Guffoo over the next few months.

We've made some modifications to the graphics to make Guffoo more user-friendly and better organized. This has involved us fixing some bugs in the registration process that went unnoticed in previous tests. Lukas and Katie are working hard on the “Feature tour” to ensure that from the moment you become a Guffster, you will have nothing but a positive experience with our editor.

We had a bit of a reality check when we compared Guffoo to potential competitors. After looking at the other sites we were pretty down, but upon closer examination we decided that we don’t want to compete with these sites at all. Instead, Guffoo will pave its own way with its innovation and you- the Guffsters. With this notion of creating a new game rather than competing in an already established one, we have regained our drive and our goal is clearer than ever, so more work and less talk!

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