Guffoo in the Spring
24.3. 2010 | Posted by:Iva

The second month of Guffoo has come and gone and brought some important changes, so lets have a look at them in detail:

We've added new subsections to the "About Us" section describing our marketing plan as well as the importance of all of you - the Guffsters! Since Guffoo itself is about sharing, we're going to share all our plans, goals, and even our mistakes with you.

The newly defined marketing plan will introduce you to our vision of user communication and cooperation in the future development of Guffoo. This could mean anything from creating and sharing graphic templates to business participation in Guffoo.

And finally, our IT specialists found some free time in their busy schedules to improve our registration, login and contact forms. Perhaps one of the most important things that was missing was the possibility of retrieving a forgotten password. Who could forget such a basic function? I bet each of us will need it at least once!

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