Guffoo's Revelation
14.5. 2010 | Posted by: Iva

It's been three months since we've launched the Guffoo pilot and we finally have some results. All this time we've been trying to increase the number of users, and although we’ve succeeded, the outcome isn’t quite what we expected.

It wasn't easy to accept the fact that targeting our existing SmartWeb users and mapping out their actions wasn't the brightest idea. Despite the language barrier, some new users went ahead and signed up, but for some reason these new Guffsters never returned to their accounts after the initial registration. This made us think of some possible ways to improve your first experience with our CMS.

First and foremost, we’re going to redesign the basic templates, so that you’ll have an attractive website right from the start without much effort. We’re also preparing a walkthrough, which will start after your first login and will introduce the main features of our CMS.

To attract new users, we're going to launch a series of campaigns focused on different topics. We want to give you the opportunity to connect with other users who have similar interests, so you can share your experiences with them. With this goal in mind, we would like to announce our first campaign: Doggie Days on Guffoo. To help encourage you to make a website for your dog, we're going to lead the way by making sites for our four-legged friends. These sites will serve as examples and templates, which you'll be free to use for your own website!

As these changes gradually come to life, we hope you’ll enjoy Guffoo more than ever!

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