Site structure

Create structure of your site is so easy...

1. Choose "Structure" in top menu.
2. In structure manager you see all pages on your website.
3. Click on "Home" and choose "Add page".
4. In opened dialog window write name of the new page and select "Empty page" in select box. Empty page is base template, that looks like notepad. And click on "Insert" at the bottom of dialog window.
5. Click on "My dogs" and choose "Add page". In opened window select "as subpage", write name of page and click on "Insert".

6. Click on "Anouk" and add another page, e. g. "Allegro".
Site structure should appear like this.
7. Create page "Contact Us" by template "Contact Us". Created page will contain form.
8. Next page will be "Gallery", select "Gallery" template.
9. For move page up/down/left/right use Page menu. Click on page that you want to move (Gallery) and choose e. g. "Move up".
10. Site structure should appear like this.
11. Now we want rename page "Contact Us" to "Write me". So click on this page and choose "Properties".
12. In opened dialog change page name to "Write me" and "Save".
13. From structure your edit current page. In page menu choose "Edit".

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